What we offer

Heat Pipe Waste Heat Recuperators, Economisers, Pre-Heaters and Steam Condensers
Econotherm® is a leading UK based manufacturer of Heat Pipe Waste Heat Recuperators, Economisers, Pre-Heaters and Steam Condensers. Our patented super conductor Heat Pipe technology is used in a wide range of applications across many diverse industrial sectors. The technology is renowned for being extremely robust and able to operate in many challenging heat recovery environments for the benefit of high energy users seeking to reduce ever increasing energy costs. The combination of a unique low cost manufacturing process and patented exchanger designs ensure that the many technical advantages of heat pipe exchangers are available to industrial users wishing to reduce running costs and carbon emissions.

Heat Pipe Advantages Over Conventional Equipment

Superior Reliability

Multiple Redundancy: Each heat pipe operates independently which gives the unit the ability to continue in the event of damage to individual heat pipes.

Isothermal operation: A unique feature of heat pipes is their Isothermal operation. This eliminates cold corners where condensation may occur and is often the cause of failure in conventional heat recovery equipment.

Thermal Stress Elimination

Thermal Stress Elimination: The heat pipes within an Econotherm® recuperator are supported from a single point only. This allows them to expand and contract thermally without transferring any stress to the units casing or joints.

High Particulate Exhaust Tolerance: Econotherm® heat pipe units can be designed with a very low fouling factor but in addition can be provided with a number of features that make them ideal for high particulate environments.

Superior Performance

Low pressure drop: The heat pipes can be configured to deliver a lower pressure drop relative to conventional heat recovery equipment.

Higher Recovery: Often the limiting factor in a heat recovery system is the condensation point within the recuperator. In conventional units where the mediums come into direct thermal contact with each other the exhaust temperature must be kept elevated to avoid contact condensation. The Isothermal operation of the pipes allows more heat to be extracted from the primary flow whilst still avoiding problematic condensation in the unit.

Heat Pipe Exchangers

Econotherm® heat pipe exchangers are used to recover waste heat from furnace, boiler, oven, thermal oxidiser, engine & incinerator exhaust. The recovered heat is converted to useable hot air, water or thermal oil for use in process, space heating and electrical generation to significantly reduce the clients fuel costs and corresponding CO2 emissions.

Econotherm® is able to supply products from its standard range or customised to a set of bespoke requirements. All heat recovery products are manufactured through our patented manufacturing process in our state of the art production facility in South Wales, United Kingdom.